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2817 Mission Street
Santa Cruz, CA, 95060
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in-tail (short for "intelligent tail") is dedicated to creating the world's most realistic, comfortable and fun wearable tail for humans. Based out of Santa Cruz, California, we are a small team focused on 3d printing and manufacturing innovative custom wearables. All in-tails are made by hand in the USA.

Red Sparkle Faux Fur Tail Cover

Tail Covers

Red Sparkle Faux Fur Tail Cover


Red Sparkle Faux Fur Tail Cover

from 14.99

Red Sparkle Faux Fur, features a wispy grey 2" long-pile fur with red refflective accents sprinkled throughout.

Each tail cover has been fitted with 4 metal grommets at the bottom and includes a drawstring and lock with simple instructions on how to secure it to your tail base. If you purchase your tail with a tail base we will secure the cover to the tail for you and the tail will be ready to wear and swing right out of the box!

Stretch Rating: 6/10 (some furs stretch better than others, more stretch creates less resistance on the swing of your tail and makes the tail more or less moveable, we rate each cover so that you can get an idea for how the fur cover will interact with the tail base)

Note: this is just the fur covering for the tail base, the tail base will need to be purchased separately in order to enjoy the full tail. If you already own a tail base, you can purchase as many covers as you want and swap them out whenever you want.
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